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The small people go on a journey of mysterious adventure in search of the Flower of life to save their important friend from the witch’s curse. Introduction video


A summary of the story of Flower of Life

The small people were living together in the woods. Their father’s name was Hazelnut. When he went to the village, he was involved into blizzard and he was fainted on his way to his house. A young man Loran who was born between a human and a fairy saved Hazelnut’s life. Loran refused lake maiden’s courtship and she cursed him into a serious illness. At the suggestion of the good witch Elrond, Hazelnut went on a journey in search of the flower of life to save the life of his dear friend Loran. During his journey, he met a variety of people. Including the monk, the blue knight, the countess Irene and the snow spirit. There is an impressive word in this story. “Everybody has a good in their heart. It’s up to the person to make use of it.” This is exciting mysterious adventure fantasy.



Once upon a time there was a forest near the village called Rennes. There was a small house made of oak tree in the forest.  Four “small people” were living together peacefully there. Though they were not so small as the palm of a person, they were smaller races than humans. This family was consisted of parents and a boy and a girl. Father's name was Hazelnut and mother's name was Daisy, and their children's names were Quince and Dandelion. Mother always watched over her family gently and prepared their meal and beds and living situation for their living comfortably. The children helped their father pick up twigs of beech to use for burning in the fireplace and helped their mother wash clothing in the river and cook meal for her family in the kitchen. Father often went to the river with his children for fishing. They cooked the fishes which their father caught and ate them at the riverbanks. Eating fishes grilled on a bonfire with lunch which their mother made was fun for children. Father also explained to the children about the story of Jesus and Virgin Mary in understanble way. Children especially liked the stories of the annunciation to St. Mary by the angel Gable and Christ's birth in Bethlehem in the Bible story which Father talked to the children.
After dinner, mother made some tea of mixed herbs for her family. Mother always read the book about herbology and applied the knowledge for taking herb and spice when she made tea and cooked. When it was time to go to bed every night, each of this family thanked God for letting them spending a day calmly and safely. The daily lives of this family went by happily. They never imagined that a hard ordeal would happen to this family.

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