Chasing after rainbows|Author:Satoru Yamada Information

The themes running through the poetry are chasing after rainbows, which is the title of the poetry, and cheering you up.
I have a Northern Irish friend whose brother was murdered during the conflict.
I also have a friend who asked me to write poems. I had not written them even in my native language, Japanese before.
That is why I really appreciate her.
She has supported and motivated me to write them. Thanks to my friends,I have decided to publish the poems.


A Farewell to the past

Our life looks like we are on a train named destiny bound for the final rail road lines,
Compared to the life span of the earth, our life one looks like points,
Compared to our life span, the life one of the earth looks like lines,
We can transform destiny into mission by getting off the train before it reaches the final moments.

We can start from now on by not just forgetting doing anything wrong,
But remembering to make no mistake,
We should remember doing something wrong,
However, we should not forget to make no mistake.

Think of tomorrow when we are going to make,
Never think of yesterday when we had already done,
For we cannot change the past which we had already made a mistake,
But we can change the future which we will have done.

Goodbye to the past which we cannot change,
Welcome to our future of the new world which we can change.

  1. A Farewell to the past
  2. A little boy and a butterfly
  3. A mirror existing in you
  4. A snowman playing hide-and-seek
  5. A star twinkling for the future generation
  6. Chasing after rainbows
  7. Dialogue with the third man
  8. Girls who go across time
  9. Searching for a searchlight
  10. Small birds in a cage
  11. The Immutability of The Young Lady
  12. The Sun shining a ray of hope on us
  13. Under the deep ocean
  14. Wales in the whales
  15. Winter always turns to spring
  16. AI vs HI
  17. A flower of a white lotus
  18. An actor who acts even in real life
  19. Achieving a reunion in the 22nd century

Hello. My name is Satoru Yamada. I am from Yokohama close to Tokyo Japan. Pleased to meet you here, everyone! I am a nameless poet. The reason I have started to try writing poems is that I really want to cheer my friends up!  And then they have praised my poems and regarded them as optimistic beautiful ones. For one of my friends is a guy whose brother was murdered during the conflict in Northern Ireland. So I have written "A farewell to the past" for him, which is one of my poems and he told me that it was a really nice and optimistic one. I feel relieved to hear that. Since he was traumatised and devastated by his brother's death. Also I have a friend from Wales UK. She asked me to write poems. It was for the first time in my life to have such experience for me. Until then I had not written poems even in my native language, Japanese before. That is why I really appreciate her. She has found my potential talent on writing poetry since I knew her. She is very sensitive and naive. So I also have encouraged her by writing poems. Anyway, thanks to my friends, I can be a poet now.  Therefore, I am quite sure that my poems will cheer you up! I would really love to encourage and cheer many people around the world up! That is the reason I have published my works. Lots of love, Satoru Yamada  P.S. Winter always turns to spring!

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