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Many people in the world already forget the talk of spacecraft Solgarn which had been launched long time ago into the Galaxy. Nobody talks the topic of the Solgarn not any longer. It seems to be ordinary matter you know because as no less than three hundred and fifty years has already passed. 

The purpose that the huge spacecraft Solgarn took the travel was transplanting the lives, civilizations and cultures of the earth to a distant star. In the Galaxy, fortunately, if the star with good environment would be found, those things would be able to transplant there.

However, such wonderful star might not be found. It was a plan like gambling using the highest science power. 

When tens of years had passed since the huge spacecraft Solgarn took the travel, the earth was unfortunately attacked by a serious disaster. 

A huge comet had approached suddenly, and took the orbit which would hit the earth directly. 

Human beings made an overly huge nuclear missile for a short time, fired and aimed into the central core of the comet, and smashed it. However, many large areas of the earth were destroyed by the comet’s fragments and three million or more human lives were lost.

And what was worse, eighteen years afterward, unexpected intense turbulent flow occurred in the magma interior of the earth.  

Human beings were not able to do countermeasures at all. All the huge plates supporting the continents were cracked, and torn in many parts. Vast numbers of cities were devastated. Earth people were terribly knocked down by this unprecedented disaster and after that they were obliged to spend poor and severe lives over the numbers of century.

The generation had changed and memory of the spacecraft Solgarn had faded from people's mind. And severe languages were recorded on the history books. 

“Construction of Solgarn was a silliest project, and spent unnecessary large amount expenses.”

Probably, it was a natural result. 

It had been an old good time: for hundred years no war and no severe natural disaster.

The large project of the spacecraft Solgarn construction needed the huge budget. However, at that time earth federation's savings were also huge. Therefore, this plan was simply approved in earth congress. 

The project team was constituted with the excellent scientists chosen from each federation for a short time, and the plan started. Although there was a delay, several years to the schedule, the spacecraft Sogahn was completed and its interior were completely faultless. 

The 12A base was enveloped in a cheer of hundred thousand people in autumn A.D. 2450. 

After the grand ceremony, the spacecraft Solgarn was launched, left the earth for the universe.

On the satellite's orbit of the earth, there was an enormous space dock turned around.  Inside of its dock, Solgarn was combined with a set of huge propulsive engine, and then left the solar system.

Through the travel for several hundred years, in the Galaxy, Solgarn found a beautiful planet, and finished the long travel. 

Since then, the lives, civilizations and cultures carried from the earth began to sprout there. 

And a tale that people on the earth don’t know was growing secretly.

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